Basement Services

The basement presents an excellent opportunity for entertaining and extra storage space. Whether you need help assembling an entertainment center or building a custom storage unit, your local Handyman CT has the experience to get the job done right-no matter how big or small it may be.
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Basement Remodel & Renovation
Your basement may need much more than added storage space and shelving before it is considered a finished living space. Your local Handyman CT can complete any number of projects – flooring, drywall installation, etc. – to help turn your basement into the extra play room or media room that you've always wanted – and desperately need!
Sump Pump Replacement
A sump pump is an effective way to prevent your basement from flooding. If your submersible or pedestal sump pump has stopped working, Handyman CT can help install a replacement. However, plumbing services are subject to state and local licensing and may not be available in all locations.
Handrail & Stairs Installation
Give your basement a safe and inviting entryway. Whether you want to replace a steep staircase or simply add a safety rail, Handyman CT can help. All of our home improvement professionals have experience installing, repairing and replacing staircases throughout the home. We're also experienced with installing under-stair storage space.
Water Heater Insulation
According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, households can save 20-30% on energy bills by implementing simple home improvements. Your local Handyman CT can insulate your hot water heater to save anywhere from 4-9% in water heating costs. Check out our plumbing services for more information.

Light Fixture Installation & Repair
The garage is your work space; stop working in the dark! Handyman CT is the one-call solution to installing and/or repairing light fixtures in your garage. Our home improvement professional will hide unsightly wires for all-around better lighting and a more inviting, comfortable work space.