Garage Services

Intended for cars and trucks, the garage can be almost anything, including a workshop, laboratory, band rehearsal space or even a gym. For most, though, the goal is an immaculately organized space for cars, toys and tools. We can haul, install or even build from scratch to get you there.
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Exhaust & Ventilation Fan Installation
Ventilation fans reduce the temperature in hot garages. They vent dangerous carbon monoxide and particle pollution from woodworking. They also clear out odors, mold-causing moisture and toxic fumes from gasoline, fertilizer, paint, pesticide and auto exhaust. Make your garage a safer, more pleasant place to work and play. Our professionals can recommend the type of fan to fit your needs and install it the same day. They'll even put it on a timer control or motion sensor.
Garage Door Opener Installation
Some garage door openers are extremely loud and jerky. Others can be downright unreliable. Whether you need help installing a new garage door opener or need help replacing the garage door safety sensors, we can help. Handyman CT is the one-call solution for all of your garage door needs.
Garage Door Weather Stripping
Installing a weather stripping in your garage door is an effective way to keep cool air out and warm air in during the winter. This is especially worthwhile for anyone who uses their garage as a workshop during the cooler months.
Garage Floor Coating
Protect your garage and keep it looking its best for years to come with our garage floor coating services. With a new garage floor coating, we can not only keep your garage looking pristine, but prevent against oil stains, hide any blemishes with the concrete, and provide antiskid additives to give you more grip on wintery days.

Light Fixture Installation & Repair
The garage is your work space; stop working in the dark! Handyman CT is the one-call solution to installing and/or repairing light fixtures in your garage. Our home improvement professional will hide unsightly wires for all-around better lighting and a more inviting, comfortable work space.